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Featuring: Lynn Love and Commando
Date: June 19th, 2022
Duration: 10:11
Lynn Love, 21 from Miami, Florida, makes us the recipients of a virtual tug job in this point-of-view video. The guy never says a word, which is great. Lynn says it all. She takes off her thong panties and slaps her small, firm ass. "Do you like that? So is this cock nice and hard? Why don't I go and stroke it for you?" She plays with our cock through our shorts and then takes it out. "It feels so nice between my hands," she says. "Do you like the way I move my hands up and down your cock? Let me take your shorts off." Then she lubes up our cock, and as if we needed any more help, she says, "I bet if I show you my ass, it would turn you on even more." She takes off her panties, spreads her ass and then bends down and strokes our cock with two hands. Then she bends over and strokes it between her legs. "Let me show you my pussy and see how you like that," she says. We like it.

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