» "A Girl Can Never Have Too Much Cock!"

"A Girl Can Never Have Too Much Cock!"

Featuring: Mia Ciccone and Mike
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"My first time was right after I'd posed," said Mia Ciccone, a 23-year-old student from Larchmont, New York. Say what? "My boyfriend set me right on the edge of the counter and just pounded into me without any foreplay. We were so horny that we came together in, like, two minutes." Say what again? That was the first time having sex in your life? "Oh, no, silly," she said. "First time that day." Okay. That makes sense. Why? Cause Mia is just too handy with a cock and too knowledgeable about how to jack it to be an inexperienced first-timer. But how many times that day, Mia? "Three times," she said. "That's about average. A girl can never have too much cock.".

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