» You Can Cum On My Face Or My Tits

You Can Cum On My Face Or My Tits

Featuring: Juliet Moore and Jonny Reese
Date: December 19th, 2018
Photos: 69
Juliet Moore, 25, is a former cheerleader who says she likes "hot, big cocks." Her love for cock comes through in these photos and the accompanying video. It comes out in the way she never wears a bra (despite having beautiful C-cup tits) and always dresses sexy "so I can turn guys on." Juliet said that the only problem with doing these pictures was that "I really wanted to suck his cock, but I'm not quite ready to do that in front of the camera. Maybe next time." In all honesty, Juliet is so sexy in these photos, she doesn't need to use her mouth to get us off. "I want you to cum all over me," she says. "You can cum on my face or my tits. Wherever you want, baby." How about both? .

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